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We operate with complete transparency, and honesty and demand the highest standards of professional and personal ethics. Our client’s business, intellectual property, and personal information is treated with absolute confidentiality and is never shared, sold, or duplicated.


How many times have you thought that there aren't enough hours in the day?

Worry No More. We got this.

Now that you’ve found us, you get to focus on growing your business and enjoy more of your precious time with your love ones as we are here to get tasks off your plate. At Loxif Virtual Assistance, we offer fast, efficient and cost-effective solutions to professionals, entrepreneurs and small businesses to maximize productivity and enhance work/life balance.

Medical Data Entry Services

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Medical data entry work has increased along with healthcare demand since the ACA's introduction. Digitizing huge amounts of data is a tedious task that takes up significant time and resources for busy physician offices. Your data on patient data, appointments, admission, diagnoses, physician notes, chart information, insurance, claim filing, account information, and billing may all be documented with the aid of Loxif Virtual Assistance. By partnering with Loxif Virtual Assistance, you can focus more on delivering high-quality treatment, improving performance, increasing patient satisfaction, and boosting your financial line. Any minor data entering error could lead to the rejection of a claim. With our accurate, fast, and HIPAA compliant data entry services, you can eliminate these dangers!
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Medical Record Scanning

  • Hospital Records- from every hospital

  • Medication Records- from every provider

  • Surgical Treatment Records- from every provider

Medical Coding

  • Clinical & Healthcare Records from every hospital or clinic

  • Tests or lab Data Records- from every lab whether walk-in or hospital

Medical Billing

  • Medical Billing details from every provider

  • Text and Numeric Data Entry- from all sources

  • Demographics Entries

  • Payment Posting

  • Patient Details & Chart Information- from doctors, hospitals, clinics

  • Medical Insurance Claim Forms- primary, secondary, Medicare or Medicaid

Charge Data Entry

  • Handwritten/ printed Document Data Entry of all types

  • Image Record Data Entry of all types

Medical Data Entry Flyer 2.0.jpg
Analyzing the data

Data Science and Analytics

  • Data Entry

  • Data Extraction

  • Data Mining and Management

  • Quantitative Analysis

Management Meeting

Management and Administration

  • Calendar Management

  • Appointment Setting

  • Track Collections (Payments and Invoices)

  • Administrative Support

  • Address book / LinkedIn Contact Management

  • Customer Service

  • Event Planning & Management

  • Project Management

  • Making Travel Arrangements

  • Arranging Interviews

Large Screen

Information Technology and Networking

  • Social Media Services

  • SEO Services

  • Content Services

  • Newsletter Design

  • Telemarketing

  • Lead Generation

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